DEAF.am is a project of the French Armenian Development Foundation (FADF).

The Foundation was founded in 2004 by Association Armenienne d'Aide Sociale (AAAS) with the purpose to contribute to the sustainable development of Armenia.

AAAS is a non-political, non- profit organization, recognized as beneficial to the public at large in 1956 by the French authorities. Founded in 1890, AAAS has always been a major actor of the Armenian Community in France.

For any further information please visit www.aaas.fr webpage.

The FADF, as a member of the coalition of local non-governmental organizations focused its activities on the advocacy, promotion, protection of the Rights of the Disabled and other vulnerable layers of society. Its projects are in line with priorities of European and International institutions, Development agencies and Armenian authorities.

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This project is funded by the French Armenian Development Foundation in cooperation with Orange Armenia Foundation
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