Deaf Union of Armenia

There are about 3500 deaf or hard of hearing people living in Armenia and communicating in sign language. Different events are organized in the Cultural House of Deaf. Since 2009 the head of the Deaf Union of Armenia is Gigor Grigoryan.

Special school

There's a special school for kids with hearing disorders in Armenia, which is the only one in the country and serves a 12-year secondary education. The head of the school is Ashot Avetisyan.


Deaf sport

The Armenian Sport Committee of Deaf was founded in 2000 and is very active in Armenia and in various international competitions. Deaf people are engaged in a number of sports, particularly in Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, volleyball, futsal, chess, etc.

Social activities

Since 2008 French Armenian Development Foundation is realizing a project called "Deaf Dialogue is Possible" aiming to reinforce the development of the capacities of deaf and hard of hearing people by setting up an educational and social integration center in Yerevan. Trying to integrate its over 600 stakeholders into the society, the center provides free legal, psychological consultations, as well as vocational, language and sign language trainings. 

Several other non-governmental organizations also dedicate their activities to deaf and hard of hearing people, among them organizations like "Will and Stamina" or "Belief".

Another project with deaf participants was realized by the NGO "Journalists for the Future"; the project called "The sound of silence" could engage a number of stakeholders.

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