Training for Armenian sign language interpreters

The sign language interpretation is a common profession in almost all the world. Every single deaf person has his own interpreter in developed countries. Those interpreters differ by their specializations and qualifications.

Sign language interpreters should provide accurate and high-quality translation which is a guarantee of fundamental rights of people with hearing disorder. For that reason it's very important to be fluent in all the signs and one's mother tongue as well. 

Unfortunately there's not any institution in Armenia where the sign language interpretation is taught. After contributing to the goal of recognition of sign language interpreters by the state, French Armenian Development Foundation started another important initiative of a training for Armenian sign language interpreters and a methodological handbook for them.

The training for Armenian sign language interpreters has already started, for participation details please contact us: 10/7 Azatutian Avenue, 0037 Yerevan, Republiс of Armenia, tel: 00 374 10 524226, e-mail: © All rights reserved, 2012
This project is funded by the French Armenian Development Foundation in cooperation with Orange Armenia Foundation
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